1. The Snow

From the recording Christmas Together

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The Snow

There’s a moment when
You can smell the snow
And the air is still,
The clouds are thick and low
When the wind picks up
It will feel like 12 below
But all is quiet
And I can smell the snow

This clean white sheet
On the ground below
Takes a photograph
Of our footsteps as we go
Later we’ll be warm
With our fire safe at home
But we’re here right now
Can’t you smell the snow

Even though it’s cold outside
Underneath this veil of white
Everything feels so right
Holding each other here tonight
In this falling snow

The longest day of the year
No one else but us right here
The woods are lovely, dark and deep
And we’ve got promises to keep
promises to keep

There’s a moment when
You can smell the snow
We’re here right now
Can you smell the snow?

Songwriters: Jada Star & Barry Jobe